Note: Participating sites can access their reports by logging in to the website and navigating to Data Reports

Launched in 2009, the Benchmarking project leverages the power of the NAPRTCS registries to provide real-time access to center-specific outcomes for patients at all stages of chronic kidney disease, benchmarked against a comparable and contemporary national cohort.

The benchmarks include clinically relevant process and outcome measures for children and young adults with chronic kidney disease, on dialysis and status post kidney transplant. 

Some of the benefits of the NAPRTCS benchmarking data:

  • Data collected only from pediatric centers, center-specific outcomes are compared to peer institutions/programs
  • Includes children and young adults up to age 21 years
  • Pediatric specific metrics collected, including growth, school attendance and participation in a formal transition program
  • Data collected specifically for purpose of monitoring outcomes in pediatric kidney patients with the goal of improving care, rather than for administrative purposes

The Graft Survival graph below is an example of an interactive Benchmark report.

Sample Benchmarking Report ImageBenchmarking reports are available on-line and are updated nightly. To learn more about the NAPRTCS Benchmarking Project or to enroll your center, please contact Danielle Lang at