Clinical Trials

NAPRTCS has been actively engaged in clinical research since its inception. The NAPRTCS Clinical Trials Committee was formed in 2015 to facilitate externally sponsored research focused on the child with kidney disease. The CTC works with sponsors to accomplish the following functions:

  • Conducting feasibility assessments for the proposed research across the NAPRTCS sites
  • Contracting and budgets
  • Protocol development
  • Interaction with the FDA and other regulatory bodies to provide pediatric nephrology expertise
  • Data oversight

NAPRTCS clinical trials have enrolled more than 2,300 children in 38 studies from over 91 participating centers since 1994. 

  • 10 NIH-funded prospective trials
  • 28 industry-sponsored studies
  • Over $20,000,000 of funding
  • 72 centers have participated in at least one study since 2012
  • 8 active studies in the past 2 years

To learn more about NAPRTCS Clinical Trials, including how to participate, contact Danielle Lang.